It’s January

IMG_0331It’s not bad out.  Thinking of spring and how this is going to turn into a garden.

IMG_0335I know the answer is tiller.

End to the reign of terror

We got the layer chicks in May, I suspected we had a rooster.  Couple months later that turned out to be true.  When we put the birds out in the supplemental fence the rooster started getting aggressive.  He would not let the other birds out of the coop, ran them off the food and was generally a jerk.  I would go let them out every morning and instantly a bad mood would hit me.  The bird had to go.  Every morning I would text Boomer and say this bird has to go.  With a quick end of summer trip to Florida, the beginning of high school for the daughter, and work prevented taking care of this PITA.  Finally a day off for both of us, a day that wasn’t a MILLION degrees and the reign of terror is over.  I know the world needs roosters, but we are okay with out one.  I don’t want to worry about a bird coming after me or getting aggressive if the neighbors grand-kids comes over to see the birds.

Now the girls can relax, eat and enjoy being chickens in the yard and soon, hopefully lay a few eggs.  Oh and that is left eye with her head up, she is the new Ona.  Something got at her while they were still in the brooder, scratched her neck area and damaged her eye.  Although it is a little off putting, she still has one good eye.


They should start growing and putting on weight now that the rooster isn’t there to prevent them from eating.

The rooster

IMG_9824He still can’t pronounce cock-a-doodle-doo, it is more of a toot-too-toot-a-too.

IMG_9825The hens have little to no cobs or red waddles.

We think this is might be a rooster

IMG_9739This one stands taller and got that comb and waddle before the others.  Boomer thought he heard an attempt at a cockadoodledoo the other night when he was outside grilling. Only time will tell.

Garden highlights

IMG_9493The start of a sunflower

IMG_9496The worlds smallest jalapeno pepper

IMG_9499The slicers are shaping up nicely

IMG_9502Bells are looking good

IMG_9506The sungold cherry tomatoes.  Boomer doesn’t like red cherry tomatoes, but likes the orange ones, so that’s what I planted.  Who says people don’t change?!