Burger Night

We decided to have burgers tonight. Since it is one of the staples in the house, we know a good burger from a not so good burger. This is the first time trying the Broadview Ranch ground beef. Once the beef thawed out I noticed right off the bat that it looks different.

This is what grocery store ground beef looks like.

How it looks is just one difference. When I was making up the burger patties I didn’t have that thick coating of fat on my hands. It usually takes a few passes of really hot water and Dawn to get it off totally. With this stuff It was barely noticeable. I mean I had some fat/grease on my hands, but it was gone in one pass with soap and water.

I added some Mrs. Dash and some onion powder and tossed them in the pan. This is the 3rd difference I noticed. It just smells different. I can’t describe it, it is just different, not just an oily greasy diner smell, but like beef cooking. How novel when it comes to burgers.

They do cook at a different rate, has MUCH LESS fat, in fact, I was shocked to see that I didn’t have to get my jar of fat out of the fridge out of the fridge to add the left over grease. So you would think with a low fat content the burgers wouldn’t be good, but they are great. Even Madigan said it was the best burger she ever had. Boomer was surprised by the flavor, that they actually had a taste, other than the condiments.