Tuesday night eating within 100 miles.

I have Tuesday night off and that is one of the 3 nights that I am in charge of dinner and I do my best to make it as local as possible. The idea of the 100 mile diet was exciting but I thought it would be impossible. The more we look, the more we research, the more options there are.

We started with local wine. There are about 40 vinyards within that 100 miles. We starting finding local meat, Wright Bros and now Martin Farms in Fincastle. The trip to Floyd last weekend we found some local spinach. We started this at the right time, it’s just going to get easier and the food is going to be more accessable the more we are in the growing seasons.

Tuesday night’s dinner….

Local–Pork Chops from Fincastle, processed in Lexington. Spinach from Floyd. Wine from Fincastle. Butter the carrots were cooked in.
Not local–Organic Carrots, brown sugar, salad dressing for spinach, bread crumbs, seasoning.

I would say 80% local. The carrots will be something we can get locally soon. I do have to say I didn’t pick the prettiest chop to take a picture of, this one was mine.

I am having to adjust my cooking a bit, since the meat isn’t dried out from the packaging. We have talked about the diaper that you get when buying meat in the grocery store. That absorbs any and all liquid that might apprear to be blood. The beef and the pork we have cooked so far apprears to be juicer. There is a real difference in theflavor.