Monthly Archives: April 2011

Watermelon update and squash sprouts

In this next week I need to decide who stays and who goes. I am gonna try and keep 4 of each, hoping that 2 of each survive. I have some friends I can give and would like to send one over to Grandma and Grandpa so Madigan will have some gardening work to do over there.

The squash has sprouted.

The cilantro has finally shot up. So far everything I have planted has grown….except for the peppers.

The watermelon seeds are still growing, not sure how long to keep them inside or how many to keep.

Watermelon seeds have sprouted

We planted these on Sunday.

I was thinking to myself how some of the seeds sprouted so fast, and others have taken their timeleaving me to wonder if I even really planted anything. I am sure some master gardener somewhere could explain why two watermelon seeds sprouted and I have yet to see any signs of life with the peppers. I say that knowing the tomatoes took their sweet damn time to make an appearance.

My feeling about the watermelon, I am apprehensive. On one hand I would love to have a watermelon grown with love 5 feet from where I am sitting now, but I have heard stories of vines that take over entire gardens. I hope to learn as I go and one day will cut into a sugar baby.

Hummus and homemade bread

I love hummus, used to buy the containers in the grocery store, but now, with 5 ingredients I can make it at home.

I also made whole wheat bread. It was better than the white bread. Lighter, less dense. I think the more I make bread the better I will get it at.

Last night’s dinner

When we went out to Broadview Ranch we were conservative in our buying, getting the less expensive cuts of meat. We did “splurge” and bought a pork tenderloin. We cooked up last night with carrots and some garlic mash and a garlic cream sauce.

The pork was great.

Another Sunday planting

It was a lovely sunny day today after a few days of clouds and rain. We transplanted the tomato starts into bigger deeper pots, but still keeping them in the room under the light.

Here’s what we started this week.

There has been some nice growth with the loose leaf lettuce.

And this is a nice shot of a sprout of spinach and buttercrunch lettuce.

1000 worms now live in our pantry

This is not an April Fool’s day prank. We got the worms Wednesday. (Who knew you could just send a box of live worms thru the USPS.) We poured a cup of water on Thursday to keep them moist. Worm Factory 360 arrived today as I was leaving for work. Boomer and Madigan were kind enough to wait for me to come home to see all the wormy action. Here are some pictures of the process of setting it up.

A very happy little girl!