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CSA tuesday

This is the last day I get to pick up our bag of veggies from the farm. My shift changes next week.

We got an email from Polly about the bag. We had a few more storms this week which makes for a light bag. More chard, lettuces, a few radishes, mix greens, scallions and strawberries. I used the chard and scallions for dinner tonight. I love how red the red is in the chard.

With that cooking, I got the rice and chicken going. I use a simmer sauce cheat for the chicken tikka since I could spend countless hours and dollars trying to get it as good as the pre-packaged sauce. One day I might work on the spices and try again, but for now we found something that works for us. I added some of the sauce to the chard.

I know the ratio is a little off on the plate. The chard should have been more but as you know from cooking greens, doesn’t matter how much you start with you will get so much less once you are done cooking it.


I got the really leggy cherry tomato plants into 5 gallon buckets. Put my best candidates out to harden off.

If you are local and have large buckets or planters you don’t happen to be using, let me know. I will pay you in tomatoes.

There are a few mortgage lifters doing well, and I will be lucky if I see even one roma plant bear fruit. I decided no matter the outcome, I have really enjoyed planting seeds, seeing them germinate and grow.

Who invited the slug?

Found this little guy in the pot that hold the first 4 onions and some lettuce that I have given up on. I picked him out just cause. Not sure which “pests” are good and which are bad. I am sure I will learn.

Squash update and the spinach bolted

With some warmer temperatures the squash has developed some buds.

This was tuesday.

Today we have flowers!

In learning about the squash, these flowers are the boy parts. I am waiting to discover there the female parts so I can help the pollination process. Who knew when talking about boy and girl parts it would be to help grow fruit. I do hope the song is true to form and when it comes to the pollination that “the bees do it.”

Great for the squash, but not so great for spinach. Looks like it bolted.

I am going to pick it all tomorrow to make a salad and will leave the bolts there and will attempt to dry them and use them in the fall.

Pasta with Clam Sauce Thank you Allison Fishman!

Okay dinner is comfortably in my belly, I am happily sitting here posting about dinner tonight. I went to Barnes and Noble to buy the cookbook You Can Trust a Skinny Cook, when I saw the price, $29.99 I didn’t allow myself to buy the book. But after tonight’s dinner, it will be mine….oh it will be mine. If there is even 1 more recipe that is as good as this one, will make it totally worth it.

The reviews are in: Jodie: I love it (pound the table) so good (pound the table again) holy $(*# this will be going into the rotation. Boomer: he empties two portions of his own and finished off Madigan’s plate. Madigan: I love it, but I would love it more without the parsley.

I didn’t take time to incorporate anything from the CSA today, it will be our lunch for tomorrow. We got more lettuce, greens, scallions and radishes.

I want to point out that I emailed Allison Fishman to ask a question about the recipe, she got back with me within 12 hours. She is also the gal you see on the Today Show talking about Cooking Light recipes. If you are looking for a cookbook for someone who likes cooking or a cookbook for someone who enjoys eating healthy, this would be a great choice. You can find it locally, or at

Dinner tonight

I am always looking for new recipes and ideas. Like you, I have my go to meals that I can make without thought or care, pasta bake or baked chicken, but I like the challenge of cooking something I have never made before, making it gluten free and having it be so good that if you aren’t a celiac (or married to one) you would love it.

One of the blogs I read Starving Off the Land mentioned a recipe from the writer of another blog Laughter in the Kitchen. Allison Fishman also writes for Cooking Light which is a source of inspiration for me, so with one email question to Allison, a fast response…tonight we are making pasta with clam sauce. I don’t know if I even like pasta with clam sauce, but we will find out tonight. Not sure what will we add from our CSA bag today, but there will be something. I will post pictures and let you know how it turns out.

A great dinner

This has little to do with local food but sometimes I make a great dinner. Tonight was one of those nights, Chicken Milanese with spring greens and saffron rice. So good. I did make it gluten free and it still tasted good. Boomer even asked about the chicken saying it didn’t look gf.

The butter I used in the rice was local and of course greens were from Seven Springs, so that’s something. I made the dressing with white wine vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil and shallots. I got the recipe from Cooking Light.

How are my plants doing

I come home and like to just look out and how the plants are growing.

We are going to put the tomatoes in their larger containers this weekend. gonna bury those leggy guys 10 to 15 inches deep. Will get the mortgage lifters in the bigger pots, up to the top leaves. Putting the squash in the big container and get ready to train them up to the balcony above. Warmer weather is on the way, and I am ready for the real growing to begin.

I am a homemaker

That term has been a weird double edge sword for years. On one hand, we need someone in the home to make the meals and keep the house, but it doesn’t get the same respect as CEO. Over the last 5 years, since Boomer has accepted being a celiac, I have become a good cook. The fresh, local ingredients make me a great cook. This realization makes me proud to say I am a homemaker.

If I wake up in the middle of the night, I can still smell the food we made from dinner. Not in the “ugh, the house still smells like dinner”. Since we eat at home almost all of the time, something has usually been cooked within the last few hours. Boomer makes his oatmeal before work, I toast up a bagel for Madigan. Once she is at school I start working on what’s for dinner for the two of them while I am at my job. When I come home from said job, I smell the dinner that was heated up a couple hours ago.

There’s an enthusiasm I have for food, making something, anything homemade and fresh. I wouldn’t say I am a foodie since it’s not fancy and doesn’t require skills and techniques, but I do love cooking. The more satisfying the food we have at home the less we want to go out to dinner. I talked to my mom yesterday, she commented on some of my food pictures about how good it looks. She is coming to visit this summer and I think it will be the first time she let’s me cook for her, since it’s always been the other way around.