CSA tuesday

Week two of our CSA and this week we got swiss chard (red and white), scallions, Red Russian kale, Red Leaf Lettuce, mixed greens and baby bok choy.

I made burgers with meat from Wright Bros and the swiss chard with the scallions, garlic and a little red wine vinegar. After trying it Madigan said “That’s not so bad.” That’s almost saying it good. We liked it. The problem was the canned beans. Compared to the green of the chard it looked all grey and washed out.

Look at that, isn’t it just lovely?! I am amazed that it was harvested earlier today and it is on our dinner table tonight. The nutrition and freshness is palatable. Sometimes when you open a bag of the greens from the store it’s got a bit of a smell to it, this stuff hasn’t even really had time to notice it was even picked.

Another great salad is on the menu for lunch tomorrow.