CSA tuesday

This is the last day I get to pick up our bag of veggies from the farm. My shift changes next week.

We got an email from Polly about the bag. We had a few more storms this week which makes for a light bag. More chard, lettuces, a few radishes, mix greens, scallions and strawberries. I used the chard and scallions for dinner tonight. I love how red the red is in the chard.

With that cooking, I got the rice and chicken going. I use a simmer sauce cheat for the chicken tikka since I could spend countless hours and dollars trying to get it as good as the pre-packaged sauce. One day I might work on the spices and try again, but for now we found something that works for us. I added some of the sauce to the chard.

I know the ratio is a little off on the plate. The chard should have been more but as you know from cooking greens, doesn’t matter how much you start with you will get so much less once you are done cooking it.