CSA tuesday

Today we got what was described as a “light” delivery since we have had a few decent storms that made the harvest on Tuesday not very abundant. Polly at Seven Springs says this is the earliest they have started deliveries. In this bag we got, scallions, two bags of greens and a big bag red Russian kale.

When I think kale, I think kale chips, so I washed up some of the kale, grabbed the olive oil and some sea salt and a healthy snack.

I thawed some chicken thighs, knowing no matter what we got in the bag we would have chicken as the protein. I pulled out some of the other local and non local items from the fridge and tried to pull together a meal.

I used lemon juice, olive oil and rosemary as the flavoring for the sweet potatoes and chicken thighs, which I baked. I browned up some bacon, used the fat to cook up the scallions and quickly cooked up the kale so it was wilted. It turned out pretty good, I think next time I would only use the juice of half a lemon.

We will be getting a bag of produce from Seven Springs every week, I plan to have a post once (or more) about the food we get from the CSA and how we use it. In addition to us eating well, the stems from the kale will be going to the worms. Even the worms are eating locally.