Dinner tonight

I am always looking for new recipes and ideas. Like you, I have my go to meals that I can make without thought or care, pasta bake or baked chicken, but I like the challenge of cooking something I have never made before, making it gluten free and having it be so good that if you aren’t a celiac (or married to one) you would love it.

One of the blogs I read Starving Off the Land mentioned a recipe from the writer of another blog Laughter in the Kitchen. Allison Fishman also writes for Cooking Light which is a source of inspiration for me, so with one email question to Allison, a fast response…tonight we are making pasta with clam sauce. I don’t know if I even like pasta with clam sauce, but we will find out tonight. Not sure what will we add from our CSA bag today, but there will be something. I will post pictures and let you know how it turns out.