Happy Mother’s Day

As out there and weird as I get with all of this local, first hand, within 100 miles food thing there is one person to blame thank for starting it all…my mom. When we lived in Spokane my mom got us the best gift ever, she bought into a CSA, and once every two weeks a box of produce was delivered from Fresh Abundance, a local store and distributor of organic and local food. It really added fuel to our fire of getting away from the Wal-Marts of the world and supporting local businesses.

Leaving Spokane was hard for me, and I have been trying to create the life I want here. Since I work on Saturday mornings, the farmer’s market is out of the question. I hit the coop every time I can (and when my bank account can support it) and am growing plants on our patio without Monsanto. Taking trips to Floyd and finding what I want at produce stands.

When we started researching how we would be able to do the 100 mile challenge we found a few farms within 50 miles where you can buy into their CSA-Community Supported Agriculture. We picked Seven Springs Farm. I learned about the farm when I was trying to find soil that wasn’t connected to Monsanto. After Mark at Mike’s Country Market stopped laughing at me, he told me about Seven Springs. The details with this CSA, from May to November we will pick up a bag of fresh, local, produce that was grown from farm less than 50 miles away. If you are interested you can find a CSA in your area here.

We bought into the program at a level that we could afford and feel great supporting something we believe in, voting with our dollars. Will this get us away from grocery stores? I don’t know. How much food will we get? Depends on how well the farm does.

So Mom, thank you for helping me discover this path of better living by choice! Happy Mother’s day, I love you!