I am a homemaker

That term has been a weird double edge sword for years. On one hand, we need someone in the home to make the meals and keep the house, but it doesn’t get the same respect as CEO. Over the last 5 years, since Boomer has accepted being a celiac, I have become a good cook. The fresh, local ingredients make me a great cook. This realization makes me proud to say I am a homemaker.

If I wake up in the middle of the night, I can still smell the food we made from dinner. Not in the “ugh, the house still smells like dinner”. Since we eat at home almost all of the time, something has usually been cooked within the last few hours. Boomer makes his oatmeal before work, I toast up a bagel for Madigan. Once she is at school I start working on what’s for dinner for the two of them while I am at my job. When I come home from said job, I smell the dinner that was heated up a couple hours ago.

There’s an enthusiasm I have for food, making something, anything homemade and fresh. I wouldn’t say I am a foodie since it’s not fancy and doesn’t require skills and techniques, but I do love cooking. The more satisfying the food we have at home the less we want to go out to dinner. I talked to my mom yesterday, she commented on some of my food pictures about how good it looks. She is coming to visit this summer and I think it will be the first time she let’s me cook for her, since it’s always been the other way around.