Pasta with Clam Sauce Thank you Allison Fishman!

Okay dinner is comfortably in my belly, I am happily sitting here posting about dinner tonight. I went to Barnes and Noble to buy the cookbook You Can Trust a Skinny Cook, when I saw the price, $29.99 I didn’t allow myself to buy the book. But after tonight’s dinner, it will be mine….oh it will be mine. If there is even 1 more recipe that is as good as this one, will make it totally worth it.

The reviews are in: Jodie: I love it (pound the table) so good (pound the table again) holy $(*# this will be going into the rotation. Boomer: he empties two portions of his own and finished off Madigan’s plate. Madigan: I love it, but I would love it more without the parsley.

I didn’t take time to incorporate anything from the CSA today, it will be our lunch for tomorrow. We got more lettuce, greens, scallions and radishes.

I want to point out that I emailed Allison Fishman to ask a question about the recipe, she got back with me within 12 hours. She is also the gal you see on the Today Show talking about Cooking Light recipes. If you are looking for a cookbook for someone who likes cooking or a cookbook for someone who enjoys eating healthy, this would be a great choice. You can find it locally, or at