This old old old house

When Boomer isn’t sleeping, working, doing prep, watching Family Guy, eating or going to the bathroom, he looks for houses for sale. Over the last 10 years we have talked about what we want in a house. He wants central air, I want land and Madigan wants a place to breed fish and have 100 cats. Boomer stumbled on this place a couple weeks ago.

With this 101 year old home comes lots of chipping paint, 3 boarded up fireplaces, a wood burning stove that is weird with lots of things wrong, a claw footed tub in the worlds more inconvient bathroom, walls painted so badly that you would question why someone would let a 3 year old do all the trim work…all of this is true but it also comes with this

and this…I think 100 cats would fit in here.

And a big old shade tree to sit under and drink sweet tea.

Yes that is a cellar door. It needs lots of work. It is more house than we will ever need. It is more land that we would ever need. But if you look past all the flaws, it is a lovely old house, that I could see us living in, doing all the things we want to do. The upstairs problems are mostly cosmetic and geography (the bathroom was a modern addition, old farm houses only had 1 bathroom.)

Cute girl on stairs does not come with the house

This is a twofer–boarded up fire place and ugly paint

Somethings are modern and up-to-date

but then you have this

this is in the laundry room, so don’t worry it’s not the kitchen.

Not sure what the function of this board is, but it might be holding the whole thing together.

As rough as it looks, and much work as it will be, even this doesn’t make this house a deal breaker.