What a difference 10 years makes

A little over 10 years ago Boomer and I got married. We didn’t have a wedding, just went to a JP and “got hitched” after work one day. Since we only spent about 200 bucks all together (rings, paperwork, fees) we splurged and went out for a fancy dinner. One of those places where everything is ala cart and you pick your cut of meat from a cart rolled over to your table side. The waitress came over and started telling us all the wonderful things offered at the restaurant. She was telling us about the salad, which has “27 different lettuces and greens” after she left the table I said “Of which I like 3”. Endive, raddicchio, arugula, chervil and frisee were not in my wheel house, I was more of a red leaf, iceburg and romaine. Boomer agreed, which felt like a thumbs up for our marriage. (Keep in mind I really didn’t know much about marriage since we had only known each other 6 months and just made the biggest commitment of our lives 10 hours earlier.) Thursday for lunch we had a similar salad, made at home from greens and lettuces from a farm 35 miles away.

We have changed so much in 10 years, now we will gladly try anything, once. We now eat things that we once thought were “disgusting” and enjoy it. Next up…Stuffed pepper? Maybe at 15 years.