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Recipe #8 from You Can Trust a Skinny Cook

Cooking my way through my new favorite cookbook, You Can Trust a Skinny Cook. Every Thursday night another recipe or two. Tonight, since my husband had to work, it gave us girls a little more wiggle room when it came to our dinner. It’s nice to make something that isn’t gluten free and not feel terrible when your husband looks at it and says “I remember when I could eat pizza.” (In my defense, We did try the Udi’s gluten free pizza crusts and he said they were good…Better than any of the other options we have tried.)

Last weeks Domino’s ad was still in the book, so naturally I thought pizza.

The recipe is mostly for the dough, which turned out nice, I think next time would add some garlic powder or mix in parm in the crust, or move the sauce closer to the edge. I saved half the dough for another proof and another pizza…another day.

We had fresh toppings of spinach, mushrooms and scallions. I opted for pepperoni and light on the cheese.

The final result.

The only thing left was the crust.

Lookie what I found

When I saw a few blooms I thought, it’s that cute, but never thought it would be able to produce fruit. These are little tiny baby tomatoes, there are half a dozen, with 3 times as many blooms to follow if we are lucky.

I have been looking at the 6 1/2 foot tall tomato plants and have decided, they must be indeterminate. They are very sparse and leggy. We have the roma tomato to the left of the tall guys, and you really see the difference. I really thought they were all determinate.

I am not sure how the skinny things are going to support the weight of tomatoes, but I will rig something up.

CSA Tuesday (week 8)

Not sure what I am going to do with the beet, but I will figure something else out. I might cook up the swiss chard with the Indian simmer sauce to have over rice. The broccoli won’t last long around here.

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This is what the worm bin looks before or after we feed the worms.

Nothing gross or off putting about this. Madigan loves the worms always want to play with them. We let her hold one every now and again.

And we are seeing more of these smaller skinnier worms, we are thinking this might be the new worms.

I want to point out Boomer wears gloves cause he is putting his hand in the bin, and the bin has a whole system of decomposition that involves microorganisms and little bugs and mites. Nothing terrible, but still you want to protect yourself.

Dear Garlic Scapes

It been less than a month and it seems too early to say those special three words, but I have to say it, I love you. Who knew I could add flavor to food in a simlar way as my first true love garlic, but with less mess and no lingering smelly side effects. I remember asking my friend Tamar about you, she had only good things to say. The world wind of our knowing each other is coming to a close, I can sense it. When I get my CSA bag each week, I see less and less of you. Just know that I will miss you. For now, all I can say is see you next spring.


Farmer’s Market

So most local food loving folks will be going out to their farmer’s market to pick up in season produce grown in their area. Me, I’m going to work. I work every Saturday 9-3, EVERY Saturday. So if I want to participate I have to get a new job. Sure, I can leave at 7:45 to get the market by 8 to then get to work by 9. What I am concerned about is getting there before the vendors do, or even worse, getting there, waiting for them to show up and the one vendor I want to by from shows up as I am driving off.

Instead I shop at a produce stand. I know they bring stuff up from North Carolina and Georgia which for the most part out of our 100 mile range, but is better then the stuff they truck in from California at the grocery store. I have a few outlets for my love of local food, I am doing what I can, where I can except on Saturday from 9-3.

Summer foods

I normally keep a well stocked fridge with Lunchables and Pizza for the babysitter, to make sure they have something easy to have that doesn’t require much work. I decided that I can’t allow an entire summer of crappy food for my daughter or our wonderful babysitter. Those two deserve better food. I decided that I can make something for them that they can heat up in the microwave just as easily as a HotPocket.

Summer squash with spring onions and garlic scrapes (all local) added to some egg noodles with cheese. It was good and the girls liked it. Not sure what to do next week, but I will think of something.

New Recipe-Risotto with Shrimp and Peas

I have decided that Thursday, my day off, is the day I am going to cook my way through You Can Trust a Skinny Cook cookbook. Tonight’s recipe comes from page 231, a lovely risotto recipe. It is a more labor intense recipe than I normally use. I know risotto, I saw Big Night. Risotto requires attention, requires work…I was up for it.

Lots of stirring.

I like the Domino’s ad bookmark.

Basil from the CSA and the parsley from the patio garden.

Madigan helped with the constant stirring.

Final result, awesome.

Madigan gives it a thumbs up!

Thinking of closing the comments

As much as I like getting comments, there are these programs that will try and post links and other “stuff” on my site, so I think I am going to go back to how it was before with the comments link having to be manually opened. You can still post and comment, it will prevent me from having to clean out the comment section every day for fake websites or even worse.