My cookbook collection

As much as I love cooking I have a limited amount of cookbooks. I would buy all of them, but with the internet I have access to recipes galore so my frugal side wins out and I don’t buy cook books, these are my four.

I have the standard Betty Crocker cookbook. I have had this since before I got married, by before I got married I mean, since I was 21. My mom got it for me, there is a coupon in the back that needed to be redeemed before May of 1999. Needless to say, it’s my stands the test of time cookbook, it has survived the dozens of moves made between then and now.

Then I have the other three, which my mother in law bought me. The first one she got me, The Gluten Free Kitchen she got me when my husband/her son finally came to terms with being a celiac. The next one the all recipes cookbook I got after the book fair last year. I have made a recipe or two out of it. This last book You Can Trust a Skinny Cook is my new favorite.

My plan is to make all the recipes that can’t be altered to be gluten free. I have made three so far and all have been easy, flavorful and good for you. I will post pictures and reviews. Maybe I will make Thursday night recipe night.