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With as warm as it has been the watermelon has been making progress. I noticed we have a little vine happening.

CSA Tuesday (week 7)

Another bag from Seven Springs. We had a HUGE storm on Saturday night that knocked down some of the veggies I am sure but we got a nice mix of stuff. Cabbage, Spinach, Broccoli, Lettuce, Scallions and Basil all veggies we should be eating more of. This broccoli is the stuff Madigan asked for the stalks, when I pointed out she doesn’t really like the stalks, she said “On this stuff I do.”

I might use the cabbage for this Allison Fishman recipe or I will make the old standby, fried cabbage and noodles. Of course I will post pictures no matter what!

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My cookbook collection

As much as I love cooking I have a limited amount of cookbooks. I would buy all of them, but with the internet I have access to recipes galore so my frugal side wins out and I don’t buy cook books, these are my four.

I have the standard Betty Crocker cookbook. I have had this since before I got married, by before I got married I mean, since I was 21. My mom got it for me, there is a coupon in the back that needed to be redeemed before May of 1999. Needless to say, it’s my stands the test of time cookbook, it has survived the dozens of moves made between then and now.

Then I have the other three, which my mother in law bought me. The first one she got me, The Gluten Free Kitchen she got me when my husband/her son finally came to terms with being a celiac. The next one the all recipes cookbook I got after the book fair last year. I have made a recipe or two out of it. This last book You Can Trust a Skinny Cook is my new favorite.

My plan is to make all the recipes that can’t be altered to be gluten free. I have made three so far and all have been easy, flavorful and good for you. I will post pictures and reviews. Maybe I will make Thursday night recipe night.

Herb update

Basil the heat loving herb was not meant to be started inside, so with temps over 80 most days now’s the time for basil.

The cilantro didn’t make it. but the parsley is doing okay.

I may decide to replant the cilantro. It’s all trial and error.

Another great dinner

Two recipes from Allison Fishman’s cookbook. It’s chicken milanese (p 190) with steakhouse sweet potato wedges (p 166) and spinach and lettuce with scallions and french dressing. I have tried many times to make good sweet potato fries, they are usually too floppy or all dried out and burnt. The recipe is easy and they turned out great.

We planted more cosmos

We planted a bunch of cosmos, we now have 3 little pots full of them. Since they did so well and we love the little flowers we planted more.

We hope to see more of this toward the end of summer.

So far we have had white and then this color. Not sure if we will get any other color. Maybe we buy two varieties next year and see if we get more colors.

CSA Tuesday (week 6)

In the bag this week, broccoli, two types of lettuce, scallions, Swiss Chard, spinach and more garlic scrapes.

I am going to try and make something good using the scrapes. There are recipes for pesto, I just know I need to do it by the weekend. Happy about the spinach but like our spinach here at home, the weather got hot fast and bolted and Polly said this might be all of it until the weather cools down in the fall.

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