As Madigan and I were standing outside watering plants I was struck by the fact that we grew all of this (except for the pansies) from seeds, half a dozen bags of soil, water, natural fertilizer and containers. I appreciate the home improvement stores offering strong young plants for people to plant, and they are more likely to get edible rewards, but we did this. It does’t matter so much if we will have so many tomatoes that we have to give them away, it is rewarding to know, WE DID THIS. We figured out putting the tomato seeds near the dryer to germinate worked better than leaving them water logged on a cold window sill. We have been patient waiting for flowers to bloom. The plants that are almost as tall as my daughter were in packages 6 months ago. I love that we are doing this together, that she is as interested in it as I am. That she still wants to go outside and water the plants, see how they are doing, taking pride in the fact that we grew all these plants.