In the immortal words of Josh Thomas from The Bit Block, BUG OFF! It’s from a video that Madigan likes of Josh and his friends playing Animal Crossing City Folk during the bug contest. But it’s not all fun and games in the garden when these little pests start popping out of their eggs.

I hated the stink bugs when they are just crawling around, now that they have decided to leave their babies in our backyard, on my tomato plants. I found 3 clusters of these SOBs. Today I just cut off the offending leaf and tossed it, tomorrow, it will be a dip in a bleach bath. I have put too much time into these plants to just give them over to these, these, these….stink bugs. If you know of any solutions, please leave a comment or send an email. I will even give you credit for your brilliance!

So for now, until I come up with a solution to permanently get rid of these pests I say….BUG OFF!