CSA Tuesday (week 12)

We got a GREAT bag yesterday from Seven Springs–peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, basil, lot of beets, squash, beans, and got another dozen ears of corn.

I am going to freeze this batch of corn. Boomer is certain we can tackle canning and it is not beyond “us”. I am going to can some peaches this weekend, with the water bath method. I like the cooking part, I think he likes the lo-tech technology part.

Tomorrow night Madigan and Boomer will have an all local dinner without me. When we first started this I saved all the good local stuff for when I was home. Now we only have local meat, and I hope to keep it that way, and all the sides came from local farms. I made succatash of sorts, corn and squash. I used the sweet corn from last week. It’s really good. And we got beans I washed them and put them in the steamer bag. Hamburgers from Broadview.