Freezing corn

Polly at Seven Springs offered corn as an add on. Since I barely had even an ear of fresh corn last year, I want to buy it every chance I get. I had also picked up 6 ears at Ikenberry’s on Sunday. So when I found myself with 18 ears of corn, I had to do something other than just start eating.

I am not at the canning stage of life yet–I am still researching if I want to consider maybe one day canning. In the research I found this site for freezing corn. It seemed pretty straight forward, and after 2 trips to the store, one for Ziplock Vacuum freezer bags and the other for ice, I was ready to shuck some corn.

Canning seems like it has upfront costs. I mean that tong/can grabber thing, the bubble remover, some sort of acid, cans, rings lids. Then there is my concern that I would screw it up, after laying out tens of dollars, can something that would make my family sick. Until I make my decision on the pressure cooker canner thing, I might have a pan big enough for me to do the water bath canning thing to help me decide if I even want to can.

I realized I don’t have any really HUGE bowls for the cooling off process, so I pulled out the roaster. There aren’t many unitaskers in the kitchen but I did buy this pampered chef corn thing. I don’t love it, but it did make easy work of the whole process.

From 18 ears of corn, we all had some with dinner and we have 5 bags in the freezer with 2 cup servings inside.

Let’s see if it holds up or even lasts till winter.