Pastured Chicken

A couple weeks ago I bought two chickens from a local farm Bramble Hollow farm. When my mom was here we tried the chicken for the first time.

You can buy them on processing days that are not frozen, but this is how we got ours from the farmer’s market.

I checked on line to see if there was something special or different that needed to be done, the only recommendation I found was cook slow and low, since the chickens aren’t plumped up and are leaner than factory chicken. I let it thaw out. I noticed the raw chicken didn’t smell like raw chicken. I have probably cut up or have handled raw chicken at least once a week for the last 10 years, it is a weekly (sometimes more) occurrence, it was different with this bird. I even made my mom come over and smell.

It was longer than the chicken you get in the stores. Even after I trimmed the neck and tail.

I didn’t get any pictures of the meal, which proves it was great. I didn’t think I needed a picture because roasted chicken looks like roasted chicken no matter where the bird comes from or how it was treated. The noticeable differences, other than the smell, the wing bones were as long as store bought chicken legs, in fact, all the limbs were longer. This could be why, taken from the Bramble Hollow Farms.

Freedom Ranger chickens are a slower growing, more traditional breed of chicken that performs great on pasture. The broilers are excellent foragers and their diverse diet lends them a deep, succulent flavor. These chickens have smaller breasts and a more dark-meat, traditional flavor.

The flavor was great, and when I was getting that plates ready for everyone, I think half a chicken for my small family of three will be plenty. I still have a Cornish Cross in the freezer for another day. Gotta get my order in for more chicken.