Recipe 9 and 10 from You Can Trust a Skinny Cook

I decided to make the ribs for 4th of July weekend. I have been wanting to make the ribs recipe in Allison Fishman’s You Can Trust a Skinny Cook. Saturday we bought some local pork ribs from Martin’s Meat and from Broadview. The ribs recipe had a dry rub and a barbecue sauce which I made both. There was concern early on that the rub was going to be too spicy for Madigan, so I hacked off a chunk and washed it off, put it back in the oven. Keep in mind, I made the rub and didn’t bat an eye when I put cayenne pepper in it. I wanted to make sure Madigan at least got to try ribs for the first time.

I tried them at this point and it was spicy, but by time the cooking finished and the barbecue sauce was on it, took the heat from the cayenne out and this is what we were left with.

Boomer asked why I didn’t take a picture of the plate like I normally do…I blame the mac and cheese. I don’t know if I should blame my being a yankee or for trying to make it gluten free, but it wasn’t good, very mooshy and pasty. It tasted okay but the texture was awful and looked even worse. So recipe 10, mac and cheese would be great if you were not from Illinois, or if you were using regular noodles.

For the record the only mac and cheese I can make well comes in a blue box and can’t serve my family anymore.