Here are my thoughts about canning.

1) It is time consuming. Make sure you have dinner plans already in place. Last night I thought I would just can the peaches and then get dinner made. Problem is canning (for me) takes up all 4 burners. So after canning 3 pints of peaches at a time, once the last three were pulled out of the water bath, it was 8:30. If Boomer wasn’t a celiac it would have been a pizza night, but we headed over to Panera minutes before they closed.

2) I need better shoes. The longer I spend on my feet in the kitchen the more I wear my shoes in the house. I can’t stand for two and three hours in the kitchen cutting, chopping, stirring, baking, mixing without my feet hurting.

3) Make sure the under 10 crowd has something to do. Even if they are excited to help, it is a long process-A.LONG.PROCESS.

4) Have more jars, lids and rings ready to go than you think you will need.

5) Plan how long you think it’s going to take, then make sure you have an extra hour, just in case.

6) (This probably isn’t a problem for anyone else) Start with a clean sink, empty dishwasher and clear counters. You need space. You need to wash your hands, you need to have room for all your accessories, you just need room to work.

7) Home canning is not mass production. Each batch could look, taste and feel different. And it’s not going to look and feel like store bought. And that’s not a bad thing.

8 ) I am still worried that I messed something up and that somehow something I canned could make my family sick. I am gonna have to just get over that. I read and reread the directions. I am canning high acid fruit.