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First attempt at canning

When I went out to Ikenberry’s they had a box of canning peaches for 10 bucks. The gal said it was almost a bushel. A regular bushel is about 30 bucks. These have some blemishes, misshapen or were over ripe.

Boil for a min, blanch, peel, pit and cut up.

We can only do three at a time.

Action shot

And from 9 peaches we got 4 cans to eat later.

My last thought before I went to bed last night, how do you get the lids off those jars?

Does this mean peppers?

This is the pepper plant in the tospy turvy planter than I have hated from the very beginning. I had to tie a socket to the plant to try and get it to grow down. Not sure if that will work. But you see those little buds in the middle, I am thinking those might turn into peppers.

three types of carrots

The more we buy local, the more I discover the varieties and flavors that are out there. It’s expected in tomatoes but carrots? Here’s what I have to say, orange carrots have a very standard carroty flavor, the purple carrots were sweeter and the yellow carrots tasted bitter, more like parsnips. I look forward to more carrots at the farmers market, but we will avoid the yellow ones.

Chicken stock

After saving chicken bones from the last few chickens in the freezer, it was time to make some stock. I tossed in celery, an onion, some carrots, half a dozen peppercorns, some parsley, two bay leaves and all the bones. I got three 4 cup containers.

CSA tuesday (week 14)

I love that it takes all of 5 minutes to pull all the food out of the bag and put it on display, but someone couldn’t wait. She had to try the tomatoes.

The bag is great, pepper cucumbers, onions, tomatoes (4 varieties), carrots, lettuce, beets, squash, beans, eggplant. I love the CSA.

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Look at all the cherry tomatoes

We told the plant sitter/cat sitter that he could take take any and all fruit that he wanted…when I can home there was still red ripe fruit for us. This was our pull from one day back. NICE!

Little baby watermelon

After a 1 week vacation, we came home to two tiny watermelon. I tied up the plant, not sure how it’s gonna turn out. Also we lost one tomato plant, due to winds and it not being staked very well.

I made it out to the farmer’s market on Saturday, got three chickens from Bramble Hollow Farms, looking forward to more great friend chicken. We are so happy to have found a place to get local chickens that are treated well and raised in a humane way. October is their last processing month, then we have to make do with what we have till May. I think we are going to stock up!

Pampered Chef Kernel Cutter

FAIL! There is a warning on the directions about this sort of thing and I did my best to prevent injury but the dagone thing is impossible to use in a natural or intuitive way. Their claim that it “easily and quickly removes kernals from corn on the cob” is half true, it is quick, but not easy. You have to hold the cob on one side or the other, keeping your hands/fingers no where near the blade, but you can’t get a decent grip on the cob, so you think, I can hold it another way and this happens. I got a small puncture wound the first time I used it, but this one was bad enough for the thing to go into the trash. This is why I can’t be one of those bloggers who gets stuff for free and then writes about it. As unitaskers go, I was skeptical but thought it would make the decorning cobs easier. I am back to using the knife.

My roma tomatoes are very different

I have two groups of roma tomatoes…the ones that have the black spots and have started turning red.

and these that are still green and growing.

They are still small, but everyday I am amazed that they are still growing.

When I was talking to my mom, she suggested that I cut them open and see what is going on. I am not sure what caused it, but I know we wouldn’t eat them.

Madigan had fun cutting them up.

Heritage chicken

We are doing all local meat (we are at about 85% with everything else we eat). When we first started the journey to local food chicken was my #1 concern. We do a lot of chicken. Partly due to the cost and it’s kind of easy. Now with the local chicken we are still eating chicken not because of of cost and ease, but because IT IS SO GOOD. The birds at Bramble Hollow Farms look, smell and cook differently. They taste awesome.

This is the heritage breed. Longer and skinnier. We roasted this one on low for a good lone time. Shoved fresh herbs and a couple garlic cloves and two hours later…

I have figured out the hungrier I am the less likely you are to get a picture of the final plate. We had local sweet corn and sweet potato steakhouse fries. It was a wonderful dinner. We didn’t have as much chicken left over from little one, we did have enough to toss on top of a couple salads. The bones are in the freezer to make stock out of another day.