Monthly Archives: August 2011

starting small

I don’t like to go all in when it comes to hobbies or new interests. Here in the beginning of August canning seems like a great idea. Access to lots of veggies and fruit, but that may end sooner rather than later. I can see me working hard to get peaches, corn, salsa, tomatoes, put up. Then there will be apples, but then what?


With it being corn season, we are doing a lot of shucking. Madigan got in on the action.

We are freezing the corn. I was hoping to have sweet corn available in the winter, but we seem to be eating a bag a week. Need to keep that in mind, leave some corn to eat during the week.

CSA Tuesday (week 13)

I love seeing what we have in the CSA bag from Seven Springs every Tuesday. Tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, squash, lettuce, onions, beans, peppers and parsley. I am trying to use up all the food before we get our next bag to make sure we are maximizing our shares freshness.

Wednesday night’s dinner will be almost totally local–Beef Stew, with Broadview Ranch beef, onions, carrots and potatoes from the CSA. The only thing not local, beef broth and canned tomatoes. Don’t know about just cutting up ad tossing in fresh tomatoes. I promise I will figure it all out.

Three types of tomatoes

It’s the best problem of summer, too many tomatoes. I don’t know if there is such a thing as too many. At the end of the day we have the cherry tomatoes from the plants on the patio. We bought two “Mr Stripey” yellow tomatoes as the produce stand and we were given half a dozen when we went over to visit Margaret.