Trying to score some pork

When we went to the family reunion I mentioned making the ribs when we go as a family (I mean all the off spring of my in-laws) to the beach. They mentioned wanting to go out to dinner. I love going out to dinner, but I hate going out with so many people. A table of 6 maybe, but anymore and I am not a fan. You miss half of what’s going on, if you are at the wrong side of the table you are ________________ with _________________ over ____________________. (You are related to people, so you fill in the blanks.) And there is the cost. Dinner for 9 is pricey. Since Boomer’s folks were nice enough to include us, I thought we could do a little pot luck kind of thing.

I am bringing the ribs. Thank you Allison Fishman for giving me something to bring, to family dinners, weekends at the beach, and potluck dinners. The recipe is awesome, but my secret weapon is local ribs. Buy good local pork ribs, add the rub, finish with the BBQ sauce and it’s a hit. Once everyone agreed to the making food I went looking for my local ribs. I have been able to call Ikenberry’s and say “Can you get me 4 slabs by friday?” and the ribs were there. I called Tuesday and got a call back. No ribs, we cleaned Martin Farms out of their ribs. They aren’t processing anymore pigs for another week or two.

Tuesday turned into a series of calls that resembled a drug deal. Trying score some pork. Put my feelers out. Has the pork really dried up? Who can get me ribs?! I even had Boomer go over to the West Side Market to see if anyone had ribs.

I heard back from Bramble Hollow Farms, they have ribs. I had to fight saying “I will take all that you got.” I am excited to pick them up before work Saturday. I hope to also try the bacon, chorizo and sweet Italian sausage.