$17.00 chicken

I made dinner tonight and Boomer asked me how much the chicken cost. I had just tossed the bag away so I knew this was a 17 dollar chicken. That does seem pricey when Kroger is running a sale for .99 a pound. As I was making our chicken and gravy for dinner I was explaining to him that this was meal two of 3 from this same chicken, and we should forget the bonus of the homemade chicken stock we get from the bones. SO here is how I make my chicken $$s stretch.

Meal one, I take the legs and thighs and make fried chicken. Madigan and I each get a piece and Boomer gets two pieces. Would we all like more, sure, but we are trying to be reasonable and eat like we should. So one chicken thigh works for me. We make sides that make the meal more nutritious.

Meal two, generally a baked chicken. I will take half the breast, wing and back meat to feed us. Tonight I put that meat in homemade gravy from the drippings from the roasting pan. I added corn starch and milk, the gravy was the best ever. I say this after years of making gluten free gravy that has been lacking, the flavor was thin, so I would just add salt. This gravy tasted of chicken, not just salt.

Meal three, it is the second half of the breast. I do one of two things with it, it goes into chicken noodle soup or it goes into chicken salad.

That is three meals, not counting the chicken stock I make which goes into soup and rice, I use the chicken fat sometimes to saute things like mushrooms and onion.

My math shows, a 17 dollar chicken is totally worth it.