First day of fall and we are not ready for winter.

I mean, our pantry/freezer isn’t ready for winter. I have 12 jars of canned peaches, 6 salsa, 13 of the sweet pepper and onion relish (they are small jars) and 9 canned tomatoes, some frozen corn and beans. It will not get us to spring.

I don’t have a root cellar, so I can’t store the root veggies. The farmer’s market goes thru November here, then there is a winter market on Tuesday’s that I might be able to talk Boomer into going to and picking up something local. I feel a bit frantic and nutty.

We haven’t bought meat from the grocery store since May. I shop at Kroger only when I need something I can’t get elsewhere. The produce stand down the street brings food in from NC and GA, not local, but at least it is something. I don’t know how to stock up on vegetables. Since my canning can only be high acidic items, I am limited. I want to do apple sauce but there is another gadget that needs to be purchased. If we were in Spokane I would head over to the White Elephant and pick up everything I need including a toy for Madigan, but I don’t have that here. I don’t know where to go locally to get canning supplies. People tell me this store called Wal-Mart has everything, but you know how I feel about that Corporation.

When I hear myself whining about all of this, I do point out that my/our problems are really not problems, they are inconvenient. If there were no other options, and my choice was to starve to death or shop at Wal-Mart I would walk right in and buy what I needed, but thankfully we have better choices, we have the luxury to have the kinds of problems we do. We aren’t wringing our hands over how we are going to keep the lights on or how to pay a doctor’s bill. We are fortunate to have kinds of problems we have. It does sound very trivial in the grand scheme of unemployment, low wages, high costs of healthcare, abuse, hate, war– you know real problems.

With that said, we are not ready for winter.