No more till May

This is my chicken problem. A problem that has me crunching numbers, worrying about what I will have dinner in March. Stocking up on chicken. If I had to guess, we have been having chicken once or twice a week since we found Bramble Hollow farm. That was a sharp decrease from 4 to 5 nights a week when we were buying from the grocery store. Now that there is a “last processing date” in October for chickens and an end to the “unlimited” chicken of summer, I don’t know how to calculate how much we will need. (Not how much I want) One a week would be 24, that is a WHOLE LOT of chicken. I think I could fit them all in the freezer, some cut up. But that’s a large chunk of change, 500 bucks on chicken? I’m sure others do it, but we are on a tighter budget.

So I think we agreed to 12, that’s two a month, with me being able to get 3 meals out of each bird, not including soup, that would take care of 6 meals a month (8 with soup). Add in two nights a week vegetarian, and we are still looking at 15 meals of beef and pork. When I think about it like that, it seems like I need more chicken.

I don’t know how folks planned their meals around the seasons and availability before there were grocery stores?