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End of the season

I keep looking outside trying to decided about the plants. I know it’s time to pack it in. At least for the season. Maybe I should have decided to do cool weather crops, maybe I still will, but the crazy tall tomato plants are coming down. I will take the compost from the worm bin and mix it in with the soil, mix that with the clippings and leaves and try to build up the soil. I will miss it. I have really enjoyed the plants, the growing and all that we did on the patio this summer.

CSA tuesday week 25

See those sweet potatoes? We dug those up, we went out to Seven Springs and harvested those sweet potatoes. They are gonna taste great…once I wash all the dirt off!

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Food Day

Food day is generally the pre determined day at work we all bring food and share. This food day is about more, to learn more about food day Click here

Since we aren’t the folks who “entertain” I didn’t know what to do. But I have a friend at work who is supportive and interested in my local food thing. I even got her to go the farmer’s market one saturday. So I am making her lunch. Chicken Salad, with apple sauce. I used some of the chicken from Bramble Hollow and celery from the Good Food Good People folks. Also homemade applesauce made from apples from Ikenberry’s. Lettuce from another vendor at the market, whose’s name I don’t know, and will find out since they give Madigan flowers every Saturday.

I hope that my pal Erin likes the lunch I made, I hope she appreciates that local is accessible, healthy and tastes good too!

Happy Food Day!

Episode 4: Apartment Container Garden

In this episode, Boomer, Jodie and Madigan talk about their apartment container garden. Find out what worked, what didn’t work and what they’d do differently next time.

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Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Baccto Soil

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CSA Tuesday week 24

Another great week with our csa, summer is changing over to fall and you can see it in the bag. I am not sure what those pumpkin things are but I am sure they are like most other squash. I see a squash soup in my future.

We are getting cooler nights with some frost, so who know how much longer the CSA is going to produce. That broccoli and cauliflower will be gone before the rest.

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Open Letter to Allison Fishman

I have to tell you again, I love your cookbook. So many wonderful recipes that I find myself getting stuck on. This last week I have made Potato-Leek soup twice and plan on making it again this weekend. It has great flavor, is filling, and super easy. Your book offers so many different recipes there’s no excuse to not make them all. Oh, and if that’s not enough, you are very kind. Every question I have asked you in email you have responded, quickly with great suggestions and help. Recipes turn out perfect (if I follow the directions and don’t wing it). There is variety in the recipes and there are some that I had never eaten, much less cooked before. Thanks to you, I have a whole new batch of “usual suspects” on the dinner table. I am still working on my goal of cooking all the recipes in the book, I am up to 17 of them. I will move on once leeks aren’t in season.


Here’s my issue with canning, I don’t have the right equipment to do it well/easily. But it’s hard to pass up the glut of apples that are in season right now. It’s hard to say, oh it’s too much work and if I only had this or that, It would be easier. So I decided to suck it up, and can some applesauce this weekend.

At Ikenberry’s I got a bag of apples, the seconds or the ones that were culled from the good bin. They call them deer apples or horse apples. I thought that meant you feed them to animals, but it’s the cast offs that won’t sell. But are perfectly good for canning and pies. It was 40 or 50 pounds of apples.

Those apples in small groups of 15 turned into this.

Then this mush goes into a ricer. I got the most affordable one that allowed me to do small batches. It’s not the best or easiest but it works. And since I can only do three cans at a time, and only a certain number of large pans, it worked out.

We ended up with this…23 jars of local homemade applesauce.