Food Day

Food day is generally the pre determined day at work we all bring food and share. This food day is about more, to learn more about food day Click here

Since we aren’t the folks who “entertain” I didn’t know what to do. But I have a friend at work who is supportive and interested in my local food thing. I even got her to go the farmer’s market one saturday. So I am making her lunch. Chicken Salad, with apple sauce. I used some of the chicken from Bramble Hollow and celery from the Good Food Good People folks. Also homemade applesauce made from apples from Ikenberry’s. Lettuce from another vendor at the market, whose’s name I don’t know, and will find out since they give Madigan flowers every Saturday.

I hope that my pal Erin likes the lunch I made, I hope she appreciates that local is accessible, healthy and tastes good too!

Happy Food Day!