Open Letter to Allison Fishman

I have to tell you again, I love your cookbook. So many wonderful recipes that I find myself getting stuck on. This last week I have made Potato-Leek soup twice and plan on making it again this weekend. It has great flavor, is filling, and super easy. Your book offers so many different recipes there’s no excuse to not make them all. Oh, and if that’s not enough, you are very kind. Every question I have asked you in email you have responded, quickly with great suggestions and help. Recipes turn out perfect (if I follow the directions and don’t wing it). There is variety in the recipes and there are some that I had never eaten, much less cooked before. Thanks to you, I have a whole new batch of “usual suspects” on the dinner table. I am still working on my goal of cooking all the recipes in the book, I am up to 17 of them. I will move on once leeks aren’t in season.