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We’ve got room for more

We went out to Bramble Hollow Farm and picked up our big batch of chicken. 10 cornish cross and 2 heritage breed. We needed to borrow a cooler to get it all home.

After we got all the birds into the freezer, we still have room. So in the chest freezer right now, 14 chicken, a couple packs of sausage, frozen veggies, chicken stock, gf bread crumbs, ground beef and 5 or 6 racks of ribs. If the budget will allow we will pick up half a dozen freedom ranger in a couple weeks.

CSA Tuesday week 22

Another great week from Seven Springs farm. I asked for more leeks, because we loved the potato and leek soup from Allison Fishman’s book. We also got potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, mixed greens, green beans.

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Cherry tomatoes slowing down but not stopping

The crazy tall cherry tomato plants slowed down, but are still producing. The plants look spindly and like they are on their last leg, but we are still getting fruit.

When thinking about or garden for next year, I think I will choose the crazy tall cherry tomatoes.


What I originally thought was a fail, the topsy turvy, has turned into a success. One pepper is a success,

There are a couple more little peppers growing.

The mortgage lifter

Here it is October and we have two good sizer mortgage lifter tomatoes.

They are a little smaller than a tennis ball. I don’t know how well they are going to do with the cooler temps this weekend.

Episode 1: Local Chicken vs Grocery Store Chicken


In this episode Boomer, Jodie and Madigan discuss buying chicken from a local farmer versus purchasing chicken from the grocery store.

We talk about our experience buying chicken from Bramble Hollow Farm in Montvale, Virginia. Click here to find your local farm.

We also mention the disturbing video that persuaded us to exclusively buy local meats and poultry. The video is very graphic. Parental discretion is advised.

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I like how “local” feels

It’s been a few months since we have bought meat from the grocery store. I feel good about it. I like that the chicken has more flavor, I can make soup stock now, before it was just salty chicken water, we are supporting people who are doing something we believe in, and it just feels better. Being able to call Rebecca at Broadview Ranch to see if we can stop by and pick up some beef is wonderful, they will even let you stop by on a holiday weekend. Anna at Bramble Hollow will ask about your daughter when you pick up chicken from the farmer’s market. It feels close. The lamb guy’s wife just had a baby a few weeks ago and I am sure she will be a regular at the farmer’s market every saturday. When a vendor isn’t there, they are missed, like not seeing Uncle Joe at the family reunion. What I mean to say is, I like how local feels.

Local feels like this…cute girl holding a chicken.

Look at the logo, you see the farm house you think farm, with a gray haired woman in a house dress, a tire swing and a old dog barking up a storm when you pull up. But the truth in this logo, is to the sides, those are chicken houses. Notice you don’t see any chickens outside, around the house, scratching or pecking.

This is where store bought chicken lives

with signs like this

and are processed here

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