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From the moment I put the first stitch in Madigan’s halloween costume to the dessert on our Anniversary, the holiday season goes by in the blink of an eye. It’s a fun, treat filled, to-do-list filled, stressful at times time of year. Our tradition of have everything purchased for christmas by thanksgiving will continue. We start this weekend. I have an aversion to crowds with credit cards. I will avoid the mall (except if Madigan is willing to do 1 more santa picture) and toy stores.

In the middle of all this holiday cheer, I have to plan a birthday party. I need to get all the decorations and party favors done. Learn to decorate a cake fit for public view. My cakes taste great, it’s the elaborate “Mario themed two tier, mama can you make sure there are pipes, and goombas and power ups” that worry won’t stack up. We will do what we can do. In between doing everything else.

So back to thanksgiving. I need to come up with a side dish to take to the family dinner. I have a long way to go before thanksgiving is a Jodie production, and everyone has been doing certain things for so long, it’s hard to find room at the table. What I want to do is make the classic candied yams/sweet potatoes, made from the potatoes Boomer, Madigan and I dug up a couple months ago.

I can make so many things, and yet none of them see right. I doubt anyone wants turnips, rutabaga or beets which are in season now. I will probably do what I do more years, bring nothing except my family knowing that the generations before me have the dinner covered.

I know what I am getting for christmas

After much consideration and hand wringing over what is the best pressure canner I decided on this one.

When asking a few experts (internet friends and my cousin Christene) they said the All-American 921. Taking into consideration the amount I can now, and what I want to can, bigger is better.

I love that it looks sort of like a bomb. I am happy that my cousin has the same canner and if I am having issuse I can call her.


It’s so commonplace, so every day, run of the mill and yet so hard to make from scratch. I had found a baker who makes great loaf bread, it is light and lovely. It is not like store bought, but what I am learning is store bought ain’t that great. It’s cheap and convenient but it’s not great.

Store bought is also more complicated, more like a science project with words you can’t pronounce without sounding like a dingbat. The slices on the local bread, are thick and uneven, you really don’t make sandwiches out of it, but the garlic bread, french toast and egg in the hole make it so worth it.

Another reason to love the farmer’s market

I love the farmer’s market for so many reasons, the like minded people, the quality of the products, the fact that it’s local and I am supporting local farmers, but yesterday made me love it even more. For folks on food stamps or who use EBT cards, you can get 2 for 1 bucks at the market. It gives people a chance to see that local and fresh doesn’t have to mean expensive.

I have been talking to my new friend at work for a couple weeks about the market. She went to another market one day and was so happy to be able to get fresh local food. But when she rode with me to the market on Tuesday for 2 for 1 bucks on the EBT it made me so happy to see someone who I know buy local meat and eggs, veggies and baked goods at an affordable price and get a taste of just how good food can be.

Keep in mind this is the end of the growing season for some items and the pickings are slim sometimes at 5:30 at the market, but she got beef, pork chops, peppers, onions, some other veggies all for less than 30 bucks on her EBT card AND she has money left over for more food next week.

I know I can’t change the world, but if I can help one person discover the joy of fresh healthy local food then I have done my part. I will offer her a ride every tuesday, if she wants to go to the market. I am happy to share my passion for local food and my community of local food growers to help others eat better.