Bad Locavore

There’s this ham, the ham my mom has made, the ham I have made, the ham that inspired two of my tattoos…this ham is not local. But for me it wouldn’t be a proper Christmas without this ham. So I have decided after great debate that this year, I will continue the tradition and get a non local ham, that I am sure was not raised humanely. I am not proud of this, but until I come up with a local solution, I need my ham.

Sure I could get a local pork roast and dress it up like the ham I have eaten and loved twice a year my whole life, but it’s not the same. I need to find out how one goes from having a cut of meat, like the shank and it turn into a ham. I know there is salt involved but beyond that I am at the mercy of Smithfield.

So maybe one of the goals for next year will be to try and find an honest to goodness local ham. But for now, I will forgive myself for how much I will enjoy that ham.