Where have I been you ask?

Knee deep in planning my daughter’s 10th birthday party. Her birthday is the 27th…I know most people think “how sad” but I do my best to make it the best ever. Every year we have traditions and some years, like this one, we have a party. But this year is like no other, this is a legit party, a real kids party. I mean sure, we had a Chuck E Cheese party one year, when there was 80 inches on snow on the ground. We went to Chuck’s cause it was on level ground and the play group could all be there.

Now that she is 10, has her own friends, not just kids who are the children of my friends, we are having a party. The planning starts mid July, and goes in waves of complete obsession, to we merely mention it once a day every day. It’s a Super Mario Brother’s party, and if you think that is a great theme for a girl who is going to be 10, you would be correct. She has helped with all the planning. And I have turned her ideas (the one’s we borrowed from folks on the internet) into reality.

Please don’t get a Martha Stewart vibe off all of this, I really am just trying to make my December birthday girl
happy. BTW–she only takes the hat off when she goes to school or into the bathroom. I promise I will post more about food and local stuff after the 27th, once I am the mother to a 10 year old!