Monthly Archives: January 2012

Perpetual Broth

I read about the crock pot broth on Facebook and thought I would give it a try. I put the chicken bones in the crockpot on Sunday, by Monday afternoon, broth!

The broth is very flavorful without being too salty. It is really good and filling. The only drawback is straining it. It can be strained through coffee filters, but that gets a little messy. I am looking to invest in some cheesecloth or a metal sieve. With the bones from the chickens from Bramble Hollow, the broth turns out great.

Vegan options

Mark Bittman is a guy you see making awesome food in the Today Show, but he is an author in addition to being a great guy. He wrote an article about making changes in your diet for the new year, no meat, no dairy, no problem. We tried one tonight.

It turned out nice, I wish I had used more saffron to make it closer to a red color and less yellow. We replaced the barley with quinoa and it turned out gluten free and delicious!

All our major holidays are over

After the whole christmas, birthday thing we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. We wanted to celebrate it at Local Roots, but they decided to close for the night. We decided to go out for Indian food. Nawab was exceptionally good. They made some changes and it was great. We are hopefull to get to Local Roots for Boomer’s birthday or some other reason to celebrate.

Good luck for the New Year

Even though I am neither southern or superstitious we still have black eyed peas every New Year’s day. It started 11 years ago when I went to my boyfriend/soon to be husband’s family for a lunch on New Year’s day. (By soon to be, I mean we got married 2 days later) It is now a tradition for our little family to have them.

I soaked the dry beans overnight and cooked them up this afternoon. I asked my friend Angela for her hoppin’ John recipe but you can find a million different recipes for it. It’s good and we can eat off of it for a couple of days.

Happy New Year and Good Luck to you in 2012!