We have decided we can’t get this house

One of the things I am working on in life is even though I might be afraid and uncertain about things, I need to trust that others do know what they are talking about and have my best interest at heart. As much as I love the property and think the upstairs of this house is charming and perfect for us, we can’t buy it — as is or not. My father in law and brother in law went and walked around the place yesterday and they were concerned to say the least. Zach, who has bought a few houses and fixed them up was positive it could all be fixed, but the amount of time and money would be prohibitive. Boomer’s dad Jerry was just concerned about the whole place, the age and the estate wanting to sell it as is. Here is a pictorial of the concerns.

Open cictern and oil storage over the open cistern

Plumbing–is it original/does it work?

Needs a new roof and gutter system

The wiring in the house might be inadequate for the needs of a modern home

And this looks like water damage and is the only room without a bunch of stuff on the floor.

Oh and there’s always this crack

And this

And in case I forget (when I think back about this house, with delusions of grandeur) the open cistern.

Now with all that, I am sure you have concluded that this house would not be a good choice for us too. Oh but how I want land. This is only the second house we have been interested in, maybe there is another house we will like a few months from now. (sigh)