Ignorance is bliss

When you are walking around day to day just doing what you do certain things don’t bother you, you don’t care what the “allowables” are for bug parts and maggots in food. You don’t worry about yellow dye (tartrazine) or bromate (which is not a reference to an episode of How I Met Your Mother). We are not in that category.

We read labels, and articles about food, watch documentaries about where our food comes from, how it gets to our table and how farmer’s operate. We find books about the food industry and the policies and politics behind it all. We search for the answers, look for reasons and try to make better choices. We are beyond being able to ignore it all.

For the record, it was easier when we didn’t care. I didn’t walk around for a couple days feeling sick to my stomach thinking I might have eaten something I didn’t know was in my food. If I just cared less about what we ate I would have more time, because most of my free time wouldn’t be spent in the kitchen washing, cutting, chopping and cooking. The more I learn about food, read up on the FDA and find out that they might not have my best interest at heart, the more I turn to local food.

I promise you I didn’t set out to make my life difficult (and near impossible to eat in restaurants) but the further down the path we get, the uglier and grosser more gross nastier our processed food industry becomes. I never would have said this but in the case of our industrialized food system ignorance is bliss.