It’s just like WalMart

I have placed a couple orders this week for food, some pork, chicken, eggs and cheese. And my sarcastic husband always says “Just like at Walmart” when I call the farmers directly to see what they have available.

Pointing out the fact that we run low on something I contact the actual farmer who we get the item from and try and see if they still have it available. In some cases like Bright farms, they have some chickens left, along with cheese and eggs. Bramble Hollow still has some pork products left and hopefully some eggs. It is such a difference between going to the grocery store, although the grocery store will always have all these items, I love that my “suppliers” always come through for me, even if it’s not the exact cut or item I want.

I can’t say enough about locally produced items and buying direct from the “manufacturer”. Oh and it’s always nice to see friends out on the farm when you are buying your groceries…When was the last time you hugged the person from who you bought pork?