You don’t seem like a fried chicken person

I was talking with some of my friends at work about our Valentine’s dinner. When I mentioned I made fried chicken one gal said “You don’t seem like a fried chicken person.” When ever someone makes a comment about me I wonder what is it that I am doing to make them think that. I talk about chicken all the time, I want chickens, we are going to help process chickens, I just put all my chicken bones in the crockpot for soup stock. So it’s not they don’t know I am all about chicken.

Then I think maybe cause I am not a southern gal, although I am picking up a bit of the accent, and have lived here off and on for about 5 years total, maybe only southern belle’s can be fried chicken people.

Maybe it’s because we try to eat healthy and fried chicken isn’t on the top ten list for health nuts. But then again when I bring food to work for team food days I bring sausage and grit casserole, and you know that’s more Paula Dean then Weight Watchers.

I think what the problem is I can’t be pinned down. If I go on my lunch break and grab something to bring back to work, it’s never burgers and fries. One day it might be a hot dog from the local hot dog place (oh and don’t think people comment on that too, “I thought you only ate things out of the garden.”) or I will grab a California roll from the hibachi place.

When you put yourself out there as a food person, I don’t want to say foodie cause that would mean I was a food snob, but as a person who really loves food, people love to judge. I don’t eat anything that I don’t like. And if I like it, I eat a lot of it, and talk about it for hours. Not everything I eat is healthy and natural. Not everything I eat is organic and raised in a way that I can be proud of. But when it comes to me spending my money and voting with my dollar I want to make it count.

my fried chicken is local, gluten free and awesome.