Hambone hambone

I consider myself an expert on only two things, my daughter and ham. If I haven’t mentioned it I have two tattoos that are about ham, ham is a family tradition and a food highlight. I have to say it again, I LOVE HAM. The ham I have eaten over my last 40 years have always been Simthfield or some other store bought salt cured ham. Now is the true test of how committed I am to the local food movement. I have been unable to find a locally raised cured traditional ham. Boomer and I have talked about doing a brine or buying a smoker to get the cut of pork that would be ham to become ham. We have also talked about getting our taste buds trained to not think of ham as only the salty ham from the factory farms.

Last night I made a ham steak with the glaze I use for my traditional ham. It was good, not the same, but good. One big difference I noticed was the size and shape of the ham bone.

It was more dense and not that circle shape. I put the fork there so you could have a point of reference. That’s a big dinner fork. I am not a butcher so I couldn’t tell you the placement of the cut on the leg, but this is a very different looking ham bone than any I have seen in the ham steak department.