What’s different

with this blog? I remember last year at this time, I was able to take pictures and post, and find links and and and so many things, but this year what’s my problem?

Last year I worked 11a-8p. I would drop Madigan off at school and then come home cook and clean and blog and take pictures. Now I work 8a-430p so I get up get myself ready for work, get the daughter ready for school, make lunches for each of us, drop off at said school and head to work. When I come home it’s time to catch up on the day, make sure homework is done, watch the news, do some light cleaning (very light if you have ever been to my house) and start working on dinner. After dinner, clean up (honestly just put dishes in sink and wait for the dish fairy to arrive) read, talk with husband, talk with Madigan, maybe play a game or something then get ready for bed.

I will attempt to be better at posting, I might enlist someone else in the house to help me. Expect a podcast tomorrow.