Where Some Grocery Store Eggs Come From

Below you’ll find a disturbing undercover video from the Humane Society. The footage was shot
at Kreider Farms in Pennsylvania and it graphically shows the horrific living conditions of some seven million
egg-laying hens.

Videos like this are why the big ag companies are making huge campaign contributions to get legislation passed that makes it illegal to record video or take photos at factory farms. It’s essential to their profits that this kind of stuff is kept out of public view.

They don’t want consumers thinking, “wait, how many freakin’ chickens are crammed in that one cage?”. Or “ewww what’s wrong with that bird’s beak? It looks like somebody just cut the end of it off.”

No, they just want consumers to think, “ooohh…this egg carton says it has a bunch of omega 3. I saw on the Today show that that’s good for you.”

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