3am broth

Ever since reading about perpetual broth I have made a crock pot full of the stuff once a month. I love the flavor, it helps get every bit of value out of my chicken. What I do is save all the bones, either from when I cut up the bird for future meals or the bones after we’vd had roast chicken. What I love about it is how easy it is to make really good broth, other than putting it in the crock pot most of the work is done while you live your life for 4 to 7 days. Let it cook/simmer for how ever long you can stand it and boom it’s done…well almost.

As you know I am not a fan of buying a kitchen item for just one use. Thanks to Alton Brown I look at getting the most use out of my kitchen gadgets since I have too much stuff to begin with, why do I want more clutter. I could go out and buy a fat separator, and this task of getting to the broth and leaving the fat would be easy. But instead I use coffee filters and mesh strainer. It works, in small batches, but it is time consuming.

So this morning, at 3 am insomnia came calling and I thought this is the perfect time to get the broth done. If I try to tell people about this ritual, which usually does hit me in the middle of the night, they would point out that Kroger has a sale on broth or ask why would I want to make it. I would go into detail about the rich flavor, how I control the sodium content, explain that I like to get every last little bit of nutrition from the food we buy and it would still fall on deaf ears because you can just buy it at the store, how convenient.

The thing is I don’t just want salty water. This broth will turn into one of two things, chicken soup or chicken gravy. Either way, it’s going to add so much flavor that salt will not be required for it to taste good.