Finally we have more Bramble Hollow chickens

This was our freezer Sunday night. I had to make sure it was empty and defrosted (we have food in the other freezer, so don’t think we are starving). We didn’t make it out to help process this time due to scheduling conflict. So we made the trip out today to the farm to pick up. When we got there, a few other folks were picking up their birds, so we went and fed the pigs.

It is one of my favorite things, bring food out for the pigs, we feed them and they eventually feed us. I like that we have a connection to our food, we know where it was raised and how it was raised. Most of the chickens were put up for the pick up time, so Madigan didn’t get to chase them around too much. We got to spend a little time hanging out with Jack and Marren, she cooed and smiled and seemed content with everyone making a fuss over her. Jack gave us a picture he colored, which made me smile.

We loaded up our coolers and had to get home to get them cut up and in the freezer before I had to go to work. I am very happy to have the Bramble Hollow chicken back in the house. Since last winter was the first time we bought local chicken we didn’t know how many to get, so in January or February we ended up having to get about 4 extra chicken from another farm. I am happy that the other farm had them available, but they weren’t as good. I don’t know why or how, I just know that the Bramble Hollow chickens are better tasting.

This is what the looked like out of the cooler, and this is what they looked like after an hour. Nicely cut up, in freezer bags, portioned out.

We picked up a rack of ribs for when my mom visits, cause I don’t want to have an issue like last summer when I couldn’t find ribs.