One year of local meat

I was trying to figure out when it was that we stopped buying non local meat, and it looks like it was about a year ago. Making the decision to get away from the grocery store with our dairy and meat was final. That video made it impossible for me to support those company’s anymore. (I can’t guarantee the person elected is the person I voted for, but I do get to elect who gets my money.) I had done a bunch of research on who to buy beef and pork from, that was a fairly easy solution. It was the chicken that was the problem.

It seemed to me that a farmer can raise a 1200 pound cow or a 500 pound pig and take it to the processor and come away with a fairly large product to sell. But a chicken…3-5 pounds and all those feathers didn’t make as much sense for local farmers. I searched and and found a couple different producers. Tried contacting some, some were out of the chicken business, but on one website saw that Bramble Hollow would be at the farmer’s market.

So before my shift one Saturday I went and got two chicken, whole birds with the neck still on (which at the time seemed odd, now it’s the norm). I paid more for those two whole chickens than I had ever spent at one time on chicken. I put them in the freezer at work and worried that someone might steal them, my expensive chicken. I felt silly at one or two points in the day, think that I was kidding myself to think that we could get away from the 99 cent a pound chicken, how could I feed my family spending so much on chicken. Who do I think I am a Rockefeller?

Those birds sat in our freezer at home for a couple weeks, trying to save them for a special occasion, maybe Thanksgiving chicken? When my mom was her for her summer visit we made one of the birds. It was so good, different from chicken from the store, more flavorful, better. The difference was huge from store bought and locally grown chicken.

What I have since discovered, that even in the local chicken market there is a difference. We have tried all the types of chicken Bramble Hollow offers. When we ran out of chicken in early spring, we had to buy some from another farm and they just weren’t as good. I don’t know why or how, could be the non gmo feed that Anna and Brent feed their birds, could be the breed, but that reason why doesn’t matter.

So, here we are a year later, we bought a chest freezer to make sure we can always have enough of their chicken on hand. We have helped process the chicken we eat, visited the farm, gotten to know a great farm family. If that’s not enough, they still have the best tasting birds around.