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CSA bag 13

This week we got lettuce, celery, beans, peppers, squash, tomatoes and scallions.

We also got some homegrown tomatoes and squash from my friend Celia.

We are set for the week!

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That’s one fancy chicken dinner

Bramble Hollow Farm provides the chicken to a local restaurant that is dedicated to sourcing their food locally–Local Roots. When we found out that they were having a special event featuring the chicken we love from Bramble Hollow we had to go.

We got there and enjoyed cocktails and appetizers. I love nothing more than appetizers and cocktails. I had the specialty drink which was a homemade blueberry lemonade with rum. And the apps were incredible deviled eggs, chicken croquette and a deep fried chicken skin with a spicey sweet sauce. It was all so good, but I knew I had to save me appetite for dinner.

We aren’t Food Network folks, we don’t have cable so our cooking shows are limited to America’s Test Kitchen and Sam the Cooking guy. The culinary skill of the Chef and his staff was incredible, fancier than we normally do, and as you can see from my menu, I had to take notes.

The dinner as a whole was wonderful. The food was top quality, we got treated to a dining experience that we never had before. Brent got up and talked about the importance of the breed and keeping the breed available and to do so we need to eat them. The owner Diane Elliot came over and talked to us a few times. The waitstaff (CD was our server) was knowledgeable in explaining the food and took care of us with 5 star quality service. It was an event not just a dinner, 3 hours after we sat down with our cocktails and apps the kitchen came out to a round of applause.

If you find yourself trying to decide to go to a farm to table meal event, you really should. It is an opportunity to really see what our amazing local food community can do…New York and L-A have nothing on our fancy farm dinner!


I saw two things on tv this weekend that bothered me.

1) A news story about people buying local. It was a Consumer Reports story that ran locally. The local TV station ran the B-roll footage from a different city. It was as if the local producer didn’t even think about putting in footage from our over a dozen local markets. I would say that was a fail.

I thought about writing a letter to the TV station saying, “Hey you can show up at any number of markets in town and get great B-roll for your stories of local food.” I didn’t. Looks like I am just as lazy as the producer.

2) There was a travel or cooking show where someone was cooking up a pig cuban style. Who hog cooked, and when they showed the final product they blurred out the pig…like it was something dirty or gross. I didn’t get how you can do a story about roasting a whole pig and then blur out the star of the show.

CSA bag 12

This week’s bag includes lettuce, green beans, two kinds of squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, two kinds of peppers, celery and basil. NICE!

Episode 40: Defining The Word Fresh

In this episode we share what the word “fresh” means to each of us. We also share the results of our experiment with a package of ground beef. We left it on the counter for a week. You can see from the pictures below how much it puffed up, but the meat never changed color.

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CSA bag 11

This week we got lettuce, chard, beans, garlic, cucumbers, squash and tomatoes. Another great bag. So thankful the farm is doing well, even though we aren’t get lots of rain.

Meat CSA

We got our CSA bundle which included a Freedom Ranger chicken, a pork roast, Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, bacon, ham steak.

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CSA bag 10

This is a good bag. We got some squash, cucumbers, beans, celery, red leaf lettuce, basil, garlic, beets and a tomato. Some of the basil has already been turned into pesto. I might make more, just not sure how to store it. I might make a small batch of Harvard beets or pickle them. All the rest will be sides of some sort.

We have so much squash, the yellow and the zucchini that we seem to be eating it every day. I love that we have so much garden (thanks Celia!) and farm fresh veggies. And it’s so easy to make, last night we had chorizo with squash. I just browned up the meat and then sauteed up the squash in another pan. The spice of the chorizo and mellow squash was nice. There are no left overs, so that is saying something.

Helping out on chicken day

It was around 100 degrees on Sunday and we gladly drove out to Bramble Hollow to help with chicken day. You might think that sounds weird, but we really love helping out, Madigan loves chasing chickens around and the chickens need to processed no matter what the temperature.

I asked Madigan to take some pictures around the farm.

Madigan decided to help with the chickens this time.

(she won’t touch money, but grab a recently deceased chicken out of a chill tank, no problem)

It’s hard to explain to people why we love helping out, all they think about is the gross factor, but it really isn’t gross. We like supporting our farmer’s not just with money but free labor.