CSA bag 10

This is a good bag. We got some squash, cucumbers, beans, celery, red leaf lettuce, basil, garlic, beets and a tomato. Some of the basil has already been turned into pesto. I might make more, just not sure how to store it. I might make a small batch of Harvard beets or pickle them. All the rest will be sides of some sort.

We have so much squash, the yellow and the zucchini that we seem to be eating it every day. I love that we have so much garden (thanks Celia!) and farm fresh veggies. And it’s so easy to make, last night we had chorizo with squash. I just browned up the meat and then sauteed up the squash in another pan. The spice of the chorizo and mellow squash was nice. There are no left overs, so that is saying something.